Moving Tips

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Relocating your Plants

  • Pack your plants last, that way they won’t get damaged.
  • Unpack your plants first!

Relocating your Pets

  • Consider having friends watch your pets for a few days to keep everything stress free for you and more importantly your pets.
  • Always ensure your pets are wearing their tags.
  • Allow time for your pets to adjust to the new neighborhood so they can adjust to their new home.

Relocating your Kids

  • Have a Question/Answer session with your kids before the move
  • Think of creative ways to have them help depending on their age and ability
  • Make the move a positive event!

Cutting the cost of moving

  • If you don’t use our packing service, make sure all your loose items are packed and taped inside boxes.
  • LABEL LABEL LABEL!! Before you tape your boxes label them!
  • Go through the stuff you really don’t need anymore and donate or sell it! Moving can mean a fresh start for some.
  • Use Moving Boxes to pack your household items. They are sturdier and easier to stack because they have similar dimensions. We sell boxes, ask us for more info on our boxes.
  • Save a suit case to pack enough essentials to last you a few days. Medicine, toiletries, changes of clothes and important items are examples of items to pack. You may not unpack everything immediately and digging through every box for single items is a headache!
  • Triple Check Every Room! The peace of mind will reduce the stress.